What is Postcargo?

"Postcargo" is a cargo service that efficiently and promptly executes the delivery of international postal packages.

"Postcargo," a novel service introduced by "Azerpost" LLC, offers comprehensive coverage of Azerbaijan, including the capital, enabling convenient delivery from around the world to your doorstep.

With a vast network of over 1000 post offices spanning the entire country, "Azerpost's" new service enables even residents in the most remote rural areas and towns to effortlessly acquire products from Turkey's online shopping platforms;  so that, "Postcargo" users are not subjected to additional charges for the delivery of orders to these regions.


How do we ensure our speed?

To ensure expedited delivery of products purchased from online shopping websites of Turkey, we facilitate shipments six times a week. Our clientele can conveniently place orders for permissible goods in compliance with Azerbaijani regulations by specifying our Turkish address on the desired website. Upon arriving in the country and passing through customs inspection, the packages are made available for collection by the owner in Baku city the next day, or within a timeframe of 2-3 days at other regional postal offices.

In order to cater to customers who prioritize swift order fulfillment, we provide operational services through designated post offices during weekends and public holidays.


What are the payment terms?

Delivery payments are possible in two formats: online through the personal account and in cash.


What are our future prospects?

Presently, Postcargo delivers only from Turkey, but in the near future, we will also offer deliveries from online shopping platforms of the United States, Germany, and other countries.

We bring to the attention of our customers that our “Order” and “Return” services will be promptly made available to them in the shortest possible timeframe.


Our objective is to make online orders from abroad accessible for our customers and ensure their utmost satisfaction.