How can I find out where the letter or parcel I sent is?

When you pay for a parcel or letter, you receive a check with a thirteen character postal tracking code. During the transition phase, you can track the passage of domestic and international mail on the Internet, including our website. You can also receive information about your mail by contacting any Azerpost post office or our "Shebeke" service centers.

On my identity card, my name is Namazova. In my certificate on state social insurance, my name is Musayeva. After the wedding, I changed my surname to Musaeva. By presenting an identity card and a marriage certificate at the post office, can I get a pregnancy allowance?

In the post office, pregnancy allowance is provided only on the basis of an identity card.

Can I send my passport by post to a foreign country?

It is forbidden to send the original of the documents embodied in the State Emblem under international postal items, in accordance with the applicable postal regulations.

How long does it take to receive the incoming money transfer on behalf of the customer?

Domestic remittance term is 40 days. During this period, when the receiver does not receive money from the post office, the transfer is taken over by the system.

Can you send a quick mail to a military unit, and how is the delivery of such a dispatch?

Fast mail dispatches addressed to military units are sent to the address of the nearest postal service facility and delivered to the post office of the military unit.

Will the receiver receive a receipt when sending registered mail?

When sending registered mails, a receipt is issued to the sender and the recipient is signed at the time of delivery.

What documents can be required for identification, or is it necessary to fill in any additional form?

You must fill out the form under the "customer identification" principle in accordance with the requirements of the relevant law and the FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and the CRS (Common Reporting Standard).

Can I open an anonymous account?

Opening anonymous accounts is prohibited by law.

Azerpost LLC conducts risk assessment for its customers?

According to the requirements of international and local legislation, all customers are identified, verifiable and classified by the risk group in accordance with the operations carried out by Azerpost LLC. Business relationships with a customer classified by each category of risk are carried out in accordance with legislation.

How is the fight against legalization of the proceeds of crime by "Azerpost" LLC?

There are also domestic rules along with the country's legislation on the legalization of proceeds of crime. Regular trainings are in place and there is a control.

What are the advantages of Azerpost's payment cards, and can I make money with these cards abroad, buy foreign sites?

The rates applied to Azerpost's payment cards are minimal. As the cards are the "Mastercard" brand, you can cash out and make non-cash transactions at any point in the world with relevant fees.

How can I get Azerpost payment card and what are the cards in which currency?

You should contact the Customer Service Department of the nearest Post office with your ID card. In addition to national currency, you have the opportunity to buy dollars and euro cards.

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